Hey there!
Welkom to the new world, welkom at Studio X.

In this blog we give you a small insight into who we are, what we do and especially: what our goal is.

The construction sector has a long-standing image of solidity, a “that is how we always do it” mentality. This is a shame, because it means that opportunities are missed. And we would like to add these opportunities to the construction sector. This is the foundation of Studio X, adding experience to the construction.

After all, building is so much more than just stacking stones. Don’t you think?

Together we work on the most beautiful projects and go for the most idealistic images. In this way we make the apparently impossible, possible.

How ideal is it that you can walk through your own home, even before a stone is placed. Let alone how much added value this can offer for sales. No more dragging with big, cumbersome A3 papers, but just VR glasses on your nose and ready. No hassle. No whining. And everything is immediately clear.

That’s what we do at Studio X. Adding experience to construction in the broadest sense of the word to further optimise, improve and renew the construction sector.

Of course, we are not alone. Together with our partners, we make your wildest fantasies a reality. Well, at least in terms of construction.

Does it already start to dawn a bit? Great!

Do you want more information or would you like to be surprised by what we can do for you? Make an appointment and we will be pleased to come over to demonstrate how we can make the construction even more beautiful together.


Lennart & Marco
Management Studio X B.V.