The development of various techniques goes faster than ever before. Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) are increasingly accessible to the everyday public. Its application is endless and in the most diverse industries you can see at least one of the Extended Reality possibilities.

But what can we expect in 2018? Well, a lot.

Extended Reality is becoming, as has been said, increasingly accessible, and there is an increasing need and perhaps also habituation to the digital world.

The combination between intuitive interaction or conversational platforms and good hardware (sound and image) ensures an immersive experience. This is intended as the perfect way to perceive the digital world.

Gartner (a renowned research institute) shares this view. They are convinced that immersive experience will be the trend of 2018. And he is right.

After all, with the technology that we can expect in 2018 (example, example, example, etc.) we can guarantee that the upward trend in Extended Reality will only continue. Especially now that there is an increasingly better balance between technology and professionals. This will ensure that ER’s productivity, effectiveness and persuasiveness will only improve.

And this is exactly what Studio X does


By bringing together the best building experts and ICT specialists in one team. With one goal. Add experience to the construction sector.

  • By using the latest hardware, such as HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality.
  • Thanks to a multi-disciplinary team of building experts and ICT specialists, the knowledge is at a high level.
  • By experimenting with things like Conversational platforms.
  • By only being satisfied with the very best.

Still not convinced?

Come and experience it yourself.