Extended Reality & BIM

Recently, the developments in the field of Extended Reality are refined much further. This ensures that the accessibility and application possibilities for the construction sector are also increasing.

The difference
Before I look at the ever-increasing added value, it is important to clarify the differences between the technologies first. VR allows you to navigate through the virtual world, often by using VR glasses. Everything you see is virtual and therefore not (yet) real. In case of AR, a digital layer is added to the physical world. MR then merges VR and AR, enabling interaction in the virtual world.

The added value
But what is the added value of this technology? I can guarantee you that it is more than just a fun tool! The applications are endless and will be further developed in the coming years. The most important added value is the addition of experience. In the construction sector, but also in other sectors. With smart applications such as AR, you can, for example, already virtually place your new furniture in your living room at home. This way, you can immediately see if it fits well without having to visit a shop.

It will take some time for ER to become a common asset, in view of the still relatively long development period. But we can no longer deny that eventually everyone will come into contact with it.

The housing market
The housing market also has a lot to benefit from the applications of VR, AR and MR, both for developers, contractors, brokers and buyers. For example, when you are going to sell a new house: you can walk with potential buyers virtually through the house to advise on options and possibilities, even before a stone has been placed. Your customer sees the result immediately. In this way, long consultations can be avoided and well-considered choices can be made.


Even if you take part in a tender, ER can be a great added value. With a virtual tour of the building, you show the client exactly what your plans are and what the end result will be. Through this experience, you give extra strength to your story. This gives you a greater chance to win the tender.

On the building site
The innovation will eventually be implemented on the building site. This ensures that the entire construction process is optimised, the risk of errors and the costs are reduced while at the same time the quality improves.

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